Collapsed time: a composite account of a series of consecutive walks in Standish Woods

These early days of 2021 are ones of high strangeness. The continuation of a global pandemic and the return of national lockdowns in response to a mercurial mutating virus, a president in charge of one of the richest and most powerful countries in the world acting out his manifest insecurities via a bid to subvertContinue reading “Collapsed time: a composite account of a series of consecutive walks in Standish Woods”

In This Place; At This Time – Winter Solstice 2020

A very happy Solstice to all! I have a particular affinity for the equinoxes and Solstices, and none more so than the beloved winter. I had planned to walk with friends, at the start of what feels like an interesting, ongoing exploration of trig points – but due to some self-isolating in the family itContinue reading “In This Place; At This Time – Winter Solstice 2020”

Deep time and Solsticetide

I love this time of year, when the world holds its breath and the stillness and quiet of Solsticetide cradle my starburst brain like a soft pair of doves wings, or a gentle pair of mothering hands.  I feel myself sinking into the quiet earth, sensing an echo of myself where all appears dormant onContinue reading “Deep time and Solsticetide”

First Friday December 2020: The Ash and the Birch and Knowledge Hard Won

Today I did an organised walk, joining one of Walking The Land’s ‘First Friday’ walks, with an invitation to explore and respond to winter trees. We met virtually as a group to share ideas and thoughts, and state our intents for our walks, and then went our physical separate ways to, in a delightful phrase,Continue reading “First Friday December 2020: The Ash and the Birch and Knowledge Hard Won”

Star Magick, Slavery and the Bathurst Estate

It was my birthday last week, and I am proud to announce I have now completed 48 full rotations of the sun. I love birthdays for many reasons, but one is that they make effortless cosmonauts of us all. Having taken time off work, we went for a long walk starting near Sapperton, circling throughContinue reading “Star Magick, Slavery and the Bathurst Estate”

Why am I here?

The spotlight that tends to highlight my obsessions has swung round, and is currently illuminating my old love of boundaries, of the liminal and edgelands – not just those in the landscape, but those within us, both bodily and psychologically. My mind and imaginings have been full of things found on the estuaries of theContinue reading “Why am I here?”