Snow Day

Snow! The perfect kind, enough for fun, not enough to make it hard to get about. We are perfectly placed for this – high up, and at the bottom of the even higher and steep Rodborough Common. It was very misty up there, still snowing, and also very busy, lending a Lowry-esque air to the scene – lots of people, all rendered very similar by dint of being bundled up in warm outdoor clothes, and looking strangely ill-defined at the edges.
It was fun, but bleak – and strangely unsettling. It was really busy, and with some large groups of people. I’m not a fan of busy at the best of times – ir’s one of the reasons why the Coronayear has for me been quite benevolent. But I was suprised at the strength of my unease at being in crowds, outdoors.
Anyway – of course, here are some photos. I was really excited by these today. I’ve taken better photos but as a true winterphile, to be able to take some on a snowday was an absolute pleasure.
Usually its nice to let the pictures talk, if that doesn’t sound too tosspot-y, but I thought it might be nice to pick out some of my thinking on/pleasure in these. Highlights of these for me:

  • A brace of pheasants hanging in a semi-completed garage extension. Nothing says Christmas like it! This sums up for me the best of living in a semi-rural town on kissing closeness with the Country Set of the Cotswolds
  • Birch bark, berries and evergreens
  • The contrast between lots of wholesome family jolly fun, and the inescapable bleakness of a high open space in the sleet. A delicious juxtaposition. Cf the shot of the snowman, and Taius in a large puddle.
  • Salivating as my favourite textural and boundary-related things – posts, gateposts stone walls, lichen and bare trees – have an added rare texture of crystalline, fractal, angular snow. Honestly, I could have fainted!
  • My stand-out favourite colours of the grasses, birch, lichen and stone – greys, greens, browns, oranges, whites. I’ll take these muted beauties over showy summer brights anyday. These are the colours I knit with and dream in…

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