First Friday Walk – January 2022

“Exploring the world is one of the best ways of exploring the mind, and walking travels both terrains.”  Rebecca Solnit, from Wanderlust: A History of Walking. This was the seed thought given for consideration during Walking The Land’s monthly First Friday walk. I walked with my friend J rather than with the main group – thoughContinue reading “First Friday Walk – January 2022”

Rame Head Peninsula – October 2021

Part One: Tregantle – Rame Head – Tregantle I am staying in Plymouth courtesy of my cousins, so I can re-visit the beautiful Rame Head peninsula that I started to explore last August. With only a day or two to spare, I have to decide where to spend my time. For my first day’s walkingContinue reading “Rame Head Peninsula – October 2021”

In This Place; At This Time: Summer Solstice 2021

A Solstice in three parts. As ever, the Solstice felt like a transition period, not merely a day on the calendar, or a micro-measured blink-and-you’ll-miss-it astronomical fixed point. I can always identify the start of such transitions – all of a sudden it is ‘Solstice Time’ – but you never know when it’s going toContinue reading “In This Place; At This Time: Summer Solstice 2021”

First Friday 1 January 2021: A Triangle Walk Incorporating A Yearwalk

This walk drew a triangle between Rodborough, the Randwick Transmitter and Standish burial mound, and was undertaken as part of Walking The Land’s First Friday walks. The intent today  – to walk, taking inspiration from one or more paragraphs given from Thomas A. Clark’s prose poem ‘In Praise Of Walking’. I chose 2 paragraphs, orContinue reading “First Friday 1 January 2021: A Triangle Walk Incorporating A Yearwalk”

Deep time and Solsticetide

I love this time of year, when the world holds its breath and the stillness and quiet of Solsticetide cradle my starburst brain like a soft pair of doves wings, or a gentle pair of mothering hands.  I feel myself sinking into the quiet earth, sensing an echo of myself where all appears dormant onContinue reading “Deep time and Solsticetide”

First Friday December 2020: The Ash and the Birch and Knowledge Hard Won

Today I did an organised walk, joining one of Walking The Land’s ‘First Friday’ walks, with an invitation to explore and respond to winter trees. We met virtually as a group to share ideas and thoughts, and state our intents for our walks, and then went our physical separate ways to, in a delightful phrase,Continue reading “First Friday December 2020: The Ash and the Birch and Knowledge Hard Won”