Charlotte Rooney

Writer and photographer at Topoanimus

TopoAnimus: Topo: from ‘Topos’, the Greek word for place; ‘Animus’: one of several Latin words for ‘spirit’ – in this instance, one denoting the aspects of spirit concerned with the mind, affection, heart, and courage.
Therefore TopoAnimus: affection for spirit of place.

‘Place’ for me is not just the wild and beautiful spaces, it is also the prosaic and everyday – a garden, an allotment, a window box, a city street; and also the wild and beautiful spaces within ourselves, as natural beings and ‘places’ in our own right. It encompasses not just the here and now and the real, but also the past and the imagined.

I capture my affection for these places through words, photographs, and the things that I make that are inspired by, and give tangible expression to them.

I have a particular love for the edges of things, including my own – boundaries, lines, demarcations, the liminal and the inbetweens.

Charlotte Rooney lives in Stroud, was born in and works in Bristol, and walks all over. She shares life, home and the journey with her son and daughter, husband and a poodle dog called Fen.

All photos and words copyright Charlotte Rooney unless otherwise stated.

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