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Laurie Lee –Florence Tuck, Loose Women and the Power of Projection

On a scorching Sunday I recently met with Lisa Fitzgibbon for the second of our walks exploring the characters and locations of Laurie Lee’s ‘Cider With Rosie’ as part of her ‘Down In The Valleys’ song cycle project. This time we were on the trail of Florence Tuck, or Miss Flynn, as Lee renames her,Continue reading “Laurie Lee –Florence Tuck, Loose Women and the Power of Projection”

Terminalia 2021

What is Terminalia? Terminalia is the ancient Roman festival honouring Terminus, god of boundaries. In times past, he was represented by a simple stone marker. There are no myths or statues of Terminus, showing his great and possibly primal age – when we find gods like this, they tend to represent immutable natural law.  TheyContinue reading “Terminalia 2021”

First Friday 1 January 2021: A Triangle Walk Incorporating A Yearwalk

This walk drew a triangle between Rodborough, the Randwick Transmitter and Standish burial mound, and was undertaken as part of Walking The Land’s First Friday walks. The intent today  – to walk, taking inspiration from one or more paragraphs given from Thomas A. Clark’s prose poem ‘In Praise Of Walking’. I chose 2 paragraphs, orContinue reading “First Friday 1 January 2021: A Triangle Walk Incorporating A Yearwalk”


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