Laurie Lee –Florence Tuck, Loose Women and the Power of Projection

On a scorching Sunday I recently met with Lisa Fitzgibbon for the second of our walks exploring the characters and locations of Laurie Lee’s ‘Cider With Rosie’ as part of her ‘Down In The Valleys’ song cycle project. This time we were on the trail of Florence Tuck, or Miss Flynn, as Lee renames her,Continue reading “Laurie Lee –Florence Tuck, Loose Women and the Power of Projection”

The Shiftiness of Reality and Laurie Lee

10 June 2021 Today I went on a walk with a woman I’d never met to find a man I didn’t know who wrote a book I’d never read.  Radical Stroud walkers Stuart Butler, Andrew Budd and I were joined by singer/songwriter Lisa Fitzgibbon who is undertaking a two year Arts Council funded project DownContinue reading “The Shiftiness of Reality and Laurie Lee”